Invest in Unprocessed Indian Hair Bundles Today!

As the purest type of human hair on the market, we provide Raw Indian Hair Bundles, which are unprocessed, unaltered, manageable, tangle-free, and have intact cuticles.

Hair is crucial to one's appearance. It enhances beauty and makes a person appear gorgeous and young. Here, hair extensions are essential for achieving one's dream of having long, healthy, and thick hair to change up one's appearance.

There are many different types of hair extensions on the market. One can choose hair extensions based on the amount of hair they need. When purchasing hair extensions, choosing the appropriate hair type is crucial.  

By choosing the proper type, you can save money and have long-lasting hair. The best and most widely used hair extensions at the moment are made of raw hair. If properly cared for, they give you a natural appearance and last you for years.   

What Raw Hair Indicates

The term is defined by its name, "RAW," which denotes that the hair is 100% virgin, or "pure." the natural state of human hair, untreated with chemicals, permed, colored, or bleached 100% Pure natural human hair is used.

The fact that raw hair has intact cuticles and is preserved unidirectionally throughout the process—or, to put it another way, is 100% REMY Human Hair—makes it even more special. It is convenient to treat the raw hair extension as one's real human hair because the hair is raw and hasn't undergone any processing that would remove its cuticles.

Please don't be misled into thinking that each raw donor hair is different. The term "raw" simply denotes the absence of any treatments or modifications to the hair. However, it might have come from a single donor or a number of donors. There are two types of hair extensions: single donor raw hair and multiple donor raw hair. The best hair comes from a single donor Therefore, when purchasing your hair extension, be sure to inquire about or read the product description to determine whether the hair is from a single donor or from multiple donors. Our hair extensions are entirely created from one donor's hair.

Straight, naturally wavy, and naturally curly hair are the three natural styles of raw Indian hair that are typically offered. Shorter bundles have tight natural curls, and the longer bundles are mostly loose curls. Raw Indian Curly are generally a little bit coarser than wavy or loose curly. and the curl patters varies from bundles to bundles Someone is offering to sell you curly bundles with uniformly tighter curls; the hair is mostly processed.

What Makes Raw Indian Hair So Special?

Hindus in India have practiced hair donation to the god for a very long time. Each donor's motivation for making such donations is different. Some people donate their hair out of love and devotion for the Lord (God), while others do so to express gratitude to the Lord for what they have.

The temples assemble the donated Indian hair.   To sell the hair to vendors, temples hold private auctions. They invest the money in neighborhood initiatives like housing, education, and healthcare. We buy that hair, thoroughly sanitize it, and then create 100% Raw Indian hair extensions from it that are unprocessed and pure.

In India, unlike other nations, you cannot find a single person who claimed that she would cut her hair for personal gain. It is only religious. Thus, we refer to it as temple hair that was sourced ethically. We at REMY & VIRGINTM only purchase our Raw hair from south Indian temples.  

The food habitat of Indians and the country's diverse climate are what distinguish Indian hair from other types of hair. Indians eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Additionally, because India has three distinct seasons, Indian human hair can withstand all adverse circumstances without suffering damage.

Indians still take care of their hair with natural ingredients and products. Indians still refuse to bleach or color their hair, so their hair is not damaged like the hair from other cultures. The hair becomes more wholesome, strong, and long-lasting as a result.  

Indian hair offers a wide range of hair types because the country's diverse cultures, eating customs, and regionally distinct climates exist throughout the country. The Indian hair texture differs from donor to donor, making it ideal for almost everyone with a variety of hair textures who prefers dark brown or black hair color. Indian hair is one of the most popular hair textures as a result.  

How Long Does Indian Hair Remain Raw

In comparison to other hair, Indian hair lasts the longest. This is a result of the hair's eating habits, exposure to various climatic conditions, and natural hair-care practices. Indians don't bleach or color their hair as frequently because they prefer dark hair over blonde hair, which is why they don't. A hair that has not been stripped of its natural essence will last longer than any other hair damaged as a result of an unfavorable hair environment.

Typically, older, more traditional individuals still donate hair to the temples. These individuals are typically content with their natural hair color and don't care to bleach it, color it, or style it. Anyone who bleaches their hair is typically a member of the modern generation who may believe that hair donation in temples is out-of-date. As a result, temples won't accept donations of such bleached and damaged hair. Instead, it will be terminated in barbershops.

All of our REMY & VIRGINTM   Our hair is exclusively from south Indian temples, which ensures that it is healthy and has not been damaged by any hair treatments used by the donor. This guarantees that our hair extensions are healthier and, with proper care, last for years.

Tips For Caring For Raw Indian Hair

Even though raw Indian hair is one of the best and lasts the longest of all hair types, it is still important to take good care of such hair because it is not inexpensive. As is well known, nothing of good quality is ever offered for less money. Therefore, it is crucial to take great care when maintaining these Raw Indian hair extensions, just as you would with your natural hair. Here are some suggestions for maintaining raw Indian hair.  

Genuine Raw Indian human hair is unprocessed and untreated with chemicals. Consequently, all of our hair products require more upkeep. Due to the hair's true human nature, each bundle's color and curl pattern may differ. To avoid dryness, shedding, and tangling, the hair must always be moisturized. When wearing the hair in its natural state, we advise conditioning it once a week to replenish its natural moisture. We also advise trimming the hair's ends.

  1. Co-Wash Your Hair - Using only a conditioner to wash your hair is known as "co-washing." It is always preferable to wash your hair with a mild conditioner because most shampoos contain sulfates and are harsh on the hair. Always co-wash your hair extension prior to installation. Unless your hair has a lot of product buildup or excessive dirt, avoid shampooing it.
  2. Conditioning Weekly- Conditioning your hair at least once per week is crucial for maintaining healthy, moisturized, and soft hair. Use leave-in conditioner after washing the hair to prevent the hair from drying out. Make sure your hair products are always sulfate-free.
  3. Detangling - It's crucial to frequently detangle your hair. To untangle any tangles in your hair, run your fingers through it. Use a comb only when absolutely necessary. Always comb through your unstyled hair with a wide-toothed comb. Detangling your hair can help prevent hair breakage and tangles before you wash it, after you rinse it, and before you go to bed.
  4. Satin Fabric - Use a satin cloth to cover your hair before bed. You can also sleep with a satin pillowcase to prevent your hair from tangling.
  5. Hairstyling Almost all women enjoy using heat to style their hair. However, heat is your hair's worst enemy. Heat will remove the cuticles from the hair and seriously harm it because the hair extensions cannot receive nutrition like your natural hair does. Let your hair air dry. Use only cold air from a hairdryer if necessary. Avoid using heat curlers and style your hair naturally. If you really enjoy heating up your style, wear heat protection.
  6. Coloring - To maintain the cuticles on your hair extension, avoid coloring your hair frequently. Hair cuticles play a crucial role in preserving your hair. Thus, hair damage caused by hair coloring, which frequently removes the hair cuticles,
  7. Maintain Ties - Always keep your hair tied back to prevent tangling. Keep your hair in a ponytail or bun while traveling. You can untie the hair bun when you arrive and enjoy your hairstyle.

(Ethically sourced from South Indian temples, all of our hair is provided. Our hair bundles' cuticles are intact, their textures are undamaged, unprocessed, perfectly manageable, and tangle-free, and they will last for years with the right maintenance. )

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