Cleaning, conditioning, and reviving wigs made from human (or virgin) hair.

Human hair (also known as virgin hair) wigs are typically among the highest-quality and most adaptable wigs available. These wigs can be washed, dyed, curled, and straightened without risk of damage because they are made of real hair. They are generally more expensive than synthetic wigs, but the

Human hair (also known as virgin hair) wigs are typically among the highest-quality and most adaptable wigs available. These wigs can be washed, dyed, curled, and straightened without risk of damage because they are made of real hair. They are generally more expensive than synthetic wigs, but the investment is worthwhile. It resembles having a different head that you can style however you please. Additionally, if you know how to properly clean and care for them, they can last up to five years.

Here are some things to think about when looking for a wig if you don't already have one and need assistance. Have a fake wig. This is how to take care of it.

Go ahead:

Should I wash my wig as soon as I buy it?

It is entirely up to you to wash your wig after purchasing it. Remember that washing your wig frequently will slightly reduce its lifespan. Skip the shampoo entirely if you want to wash your wig before wearing it for the first time. After conditioning the hair and quickly rinsing it, apply a few spritzes of conditioning spray. Avoid washing brand-new curly wigs in shampoo. MsPreciousMarie, a YouTuber, advises against washing your new curly wig before deep conditioning it.

The best way to clean and dry a human hair wig

You should wash your wig as soon as it starts to feel sticky, dry, and rough. What comes first? Definitely do not wash your wig in the washing machine. For your speed cycle, it is much too delicate. Treat your wig as though it were your own hair, and wash it as frequently. e if you're an avid exerciser, always on the go, or use a lot of products, every one to two weeks or even more frequently.

It's probably simpler to wash your wig than your own hair. The distinction You are able to see what you are doing YouTube user Elana has a fantastic tutorial on how to wash a human hair wig. Take note of how she carefully applies the product to the wig. No pulling or rubbing

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to wash and dry your wig:

  1. Remove any knots and tangles with a detangling comb gently.
  2. 1-2 capfuls of your preferred mild shampoo and cold to lukewarm water should be added to your sink (or bucket). Be sure to combine the shampoo and water before dipping your wig in. (Note: Elana co-washes her wig because it is new in the video she posted above. If your wig doesn't have a lot of product buildup, co-washing (using conditioner rather than shampoo) is a good option. If so, you ought to use shampoo. )
  3. Put your wig in the sink (or bucket) and very gently run a shampoo-and-water mixture through it without rubbing or pulling. Cleaning the wig's lace and crown should take some time because product tends to collect there.
  4. Rinse the wig as thoroughly and delicately as possible. If necessary, repeat rinsing to completely remove the shampoo. Once more, pay close attention to the lace and crown of the wig and make sure to thoroughly rinse out any shampoo there.
  5. After that, condition your wig. Instead of combining the conditioner with water, apply it directly to your wig and finger-comb it through. At least two minutes should pass after the treatment before rinsing with cold water.
  6. Avoid ringing out your wig. Lightly wipe away any extra water. Either let your wig air dry on a wig stand or use a medium-heat blowdryer. Tip: Air drying is best because high heat can damage hair fibers. Plan accordingly, just like a normal wash day.
  7. To keep your hair moisturized after your wash and dry, use a light conditioning spray. This step stops your wig from becoming riskily dry and brittle, which causes breakage.

Cleaning a Human Hair Wig with Curls

Cleaning a wig with curls is very similar to cleaning a wig with straight hair. If you make the following changes, you can use the same procedure as above:

  • Instead of using a comb, finger-detangle your wig before washing it. Additionally, you can untangle it while conditioning. The conditioner will increase its slipperiness.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo when washing curly hair because it needs a lot of moisture just like natural hair does.
  • Don't skimp on the conditioner. Curly human hair needs moisture once more.
  • Lay your wig flat to dry it, just as you would a wool sweater When drying curly hair on a wig stand, the curls might hang a little bit longer than you'd like. When the wig is dry, place it on a towel and gently scrunch the curls to keep them dewy and springy.

What wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners are available?

Don't price yourself out of hair care when looking for shampoos and conditioners by using an expensive specialty product. Generally speaking, if a product is effective on your natural hair, it will also be effective on your wig. Look for a shampoo without sulfates that won't make your hair dry. Pick one that moisturizes.

Although it contains sulfates, many vloggers use Pantene's moisturizing shampoo. The Pantene Gold Series shampoo is sulfate-free and has positive reviews on Amazon. Another great moisturizing shampoo is Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Shampoo.

Regarding conditioners, many YouTube tutorials feature TRESemme Smooth & Silky Touchable Softness Conditioner. The Cantu line's conditioner is something we really like.

Natural cleansers and conditioners like coconut, argan, and grape seed oil are also options.

Wig Refreshing Technique: Boiling

Neglected wigs can eventually become matted and tangled. If you have no other choices, you could try the boiling method to revive your human hair wig. In her YouTube video, Khay Republik restyles a 3A-textured wig using hot water, conditioner, and a wide-toothed comb.

Note: You should only do this if you have no other choice because overheating your wig will harm its fibers.

  • Boiling water should be added to your sink. Several conditioner capfuls should be added. (No hairspray )
  • Mix the conditioner into the boiling water until sudsy using a heat-resistant spatula. Using the spatula, immerse your wig in the water until the water is cool enough to rinse (watch out not to burn yourself).
  • Rinse your wig in cool water until all of the conditioner is gone.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the hair beginning at the ends. Avoid pulling; wet hair is delicate. You can gently finger brush through your silky curls once your comb smoothly glides through them.
  • For maximum volume, air dry your hair while wearing a wig.

Guidelines for Proper Daily Wig Care

When you believe your wig is beyond saving, only use the boiling method. Follow these advice to prevent it from ever getting there:


  • To keep your wig looking brand-new, keep it on a stand. Because they are inexpensive and take up little space, we adore these foldable wig stands from Amazon.
  • Before you wash your wig, detangle it. From the bottom up, use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Regularly wash Pick a wash day schedule that works for your way of life. If you work out frequently or use a lot of hair products, you should wash your hair more frequently.
  • For moisture, use a thin conditioning spray. Keep the item on individual hairs and away from the wig's crown.
  • To keep your wigs looking new, switch them out occasionally.


  • Keep your wig in the sun's direct rays. It may have an impact on the way it looks and is colored.
  • Wear something for over ten times before washing it (especially if you're active).
  • When washing, rub, wring, or massage the wig. Be gentle
  • To brush a curly or wet wig Use a wide-toothed comb, finger detangle, or wait until it is completely dry.
  • Wear your wig to bed or the shower. This could lead to tangles and knots.

What should I do to maintain the cornrows under my wig?

Keep things covered underneath if you're wearing a wig to give your natural hair a break. The interior of wigs frequently has a rough texture that can harm your hair.

Clean your natural hair before putting on a new wig. It is effective to use moisturizing shampoo (or clarifying shampoo for a deep clean). After deep conditioning it, blow-dry your hair while using a heat protectant. Before you braid your hair, it should be completely dry.

Put cornrows in your down-do. If your hair has a habit of making its own rules, using pins will give you a little more security.

When wearing a wig, always wear a wig cap. Your hair is secured and shielded from friction on the underside by this. If you wear your hair in cornrows, wash it every one to three weeks. Don't skip the drying step to prevent the growth of bacteria. Every few days, lightly mist your head and hair with a light oil to keep it moisturized. Don't forget your satin or silk scarf for the evening.

It's just as simple to maintain a human hair wig as it is to maintain your own hair. In fact, it might even be a little simpler (in our opinion). Keep up with routine washes and moisturize your strands to stay in good condition. A high-quality wig will last you for many years if you invest in one.


Which do you prefer, human or synthetic hair? Tell us why you prefer one over the other in the comments section below with your response. Check out Wigs 101: Everything You Need to Know for more detailed guidance on selecting the best wig.

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