Almost-Curly Hair: 25 Tips for Styling

Have you ever gone to bed not knowing how your hair will look in the morning? Have you tried every air-dry cream on the market only to end up with a frizzy, poofy mess of hair?

Have you used every air-dry cream available only to have your hair end up frizzy and puffy? Have you ever slept with no clue the state of your hair in the morning I spent a week hiding because I saw heat and humidity in the forecast. Just us, please. )

If any of the aforementioned apply to you, you may have naturally wavy hair that isn't quite curly. Additionally, while occasionally it may seem like you have the best of both worlds, the majority of the time it just seems like a hassle.

The good tidings You can manage your hair's potential curls to achieve the exact look you want, whether you're coaxing it into lovely curls, embracing your natural texture for an effortless tousled look, or smoothing it out with a flat iron.

But first

Here Are Some Important Facts About Wavy Hair

You must first become familiar with the various types of curls in order to comprehend your wavy hair. In addition to a few other factors, your genes and the shape of your hair follicles affect how your hair looks, which is typically divided into four main types and numerous subtypes. As described in our classification, this classification considers density, volume, length, and consistency. curly hair guide hereguide for curly hair here

Even if you immediately recognize one of the four major types, it's common for us wavy-haired ladies to remain perplexed. For instance, depending on the day, minor routine changes, air humidity, and a plethora of other factors, you might feel like you fall somewhere between Type 1 and Type 2.

Frizz is yet another of the most difficult issues with wavy hair. Wavy hair naturally tends to become frizzy with even a small amount of moisture in the air. You already know this if you reside anywhere near the ocean, in an area with a lot of humidity, or if you frequently perspire along your hairline.

Not yet feeling frustrated Yes, we recognize the sentiment.

Our best advice is to experiment with different products and routines until you find what works for you, as opposed to getting Brazilian blowouts or perms every few months, which can be expensive for sure. Making your style decisions as soon as you step out of the shower can have a significant impact, so you may need to make them in advance.

Here are a few additional pointers to bear in mind as you get to know your wavy hair:

25 Techniques for Curly Hair Control and Styling

Standard Care for Wavy Hair

  • Identify your hair type. As we previously stated, there are several main types and/or subtypes of hair. For instance, 2As typically have a very fine texture. Mousse is a great option if you're looking for lightweight products that won't weigh your hair down. However, since 2Cs tend to have thicker and coarser strands, you'll need to use more moisture to keep them moisturized. However, your hair can also withstand heavier products.
  • In your weather forecast, you mention rain or high humidity Although your natural tendency may be to hide, you don't need to; however, keep that in mind when you're styling your wavy hair to stop frizz in its tracks. Apply a light-weight hairstyling product, such as our Potion 10 Miracle Styling PotionMiracle Styling Potion No. 10 With our humidity-resistant gel or serum, thicker strands can handle the Miracle Styling SerumMiracle Serum for Hair a powerful conditioner, hydrating hair maskmoisturizing hair mask weekly use can also serve as a buffer.
  • You are not alone if you feel tethered to your blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron all the time. Just make sure Utilize a heat-protectant first, and keep the tool's setting on low. Even when using a curling iron or wand, a setting that is too hot can cause your hair cuticles to swell, resulting in frizz. (and genuinely flatten your cuticle) Keep it low and loosely wrap your wave to enhance and highlight the curl's shape.
  • Leave your hands and brushes alone when your hair is dry. Overbrushing can cause breakage and frizz, and touching your hair can cause it to become moistened from your skin. Defy the urge.
  • Consider getting bangs Go for it However, be aware that your style will likely require some additional time before you leave your house; additionally, make sure your stylist has experience working with curly and wavy hair. There is a specific way to cut it, and this is especially true for bangs.
  • Spend money on premium hair products. Salon products typically have more concentrated ingredients and extensive testing to support their claims, whereas drugstore brands frequently have great marketing (and a lower price tag). Trust us, the expense is worthwhile.

How to Style Wavy Hair Greatly

  • Try using a satin pillowcase to sleep. A lot of friction from cotton results in hair breakage and, you guessed it, split ends. frizz
  • Excellent hair begins in the shower. After shampooing and conditioning, use warm water — not too hot, not too cold — and finish with a cold rinse. This adds shine and seals the cuticle.
  • Hydrate yourself thoroughly. Once a week, deep condition your hair to keep it moisturized. If your hair is particularly damaged, you might also want to look for sulfate-free products. color-treated
  • Use a nourishing leave-in product after you shower. Try our Keratin Miracle Leave-in Plus If you have damaged hair, our Miracle Leave-In LiteLite Miracle Leave-In Our hair is thin, so Miracle Instant Repair Leave-In Potion 10 for excessively dry hair, or our Silk Miracle Leave-In for thick or coarse hair
  • Using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, detangle wet hair Using a brush can damage your hair and disrupt your natural wave or curl.
  • REMOVE using your normal towel to rough up your hair. Frizz and damage result from this friction, which is also a cause. Choose a microfiber towel or t-shirt instead, and gently blot or squeeze out any excess moisture.

How to Improve Your Curls and Waves

  • Would like to work with your waves Apply evenly to damp hair a nourishing or curl-enhancing styling cream. Our Miracle Hair Creme , for instance, has a smooth, silky texture and a bouncy shine that help define curls and waves.
  • Adding twists or scrunchies to your waves while they're still damp can also be beneficial. Work in 1-inch segments to improve the "piecey" appearance.
  • Try attaching a diffuser to your blow dryer. Your blow dryer's diffuser will lessen the force of the airflow so that your hair doesn't get as rough-hewn. Curls hold their shape and frizz is kept under control as a result.
  • Never undervalue hairspray Look for one that provides the level of hold you require while avoiding the crunch.
  • Try air-drying: If you take a nighttime shower, consider sleeping with braids on to help your waves develop a more defined curl pattern. Start with a thin balm, such as our Whipped miracle styling balm coating the hair from the roots to the tips After that, divide your hair into two sections and braid one side of each section, securing with a tiny elastic. Release the braids and tousle your hair in the morning. If necessary, use a curling iron for touch-ups.
  • You could also try the "plopping" method, which many girls with curly hair use. Lay a T-shirt or thin microfiber towel in front of you on a flat surface after taking a shower. Your head should be on top of the shirt or towel as you stoop over, with all of your hair on top of your head. Secure at the nape of your neck by wrapping the shirt or towel around your head. Continue with your day while letting your hair "set" in this manner for at least 30 minutes. Gravity isn't pulling your hair downward as it dries if you do this, so your hair's wave pattern stays intact.
  • Make this style last as long as possible since waves usually get better with each passing day. Go for it if you can skip shampooing for a day or two. If your roots become greasy, use a A dry shampoo1dry shampoo through and give it a final touch with a curling iron or spray of texture spraytextured mist

Straightening Wavy Hair

  • Use an all-purpose styling cream, potion, or balm to prepare your hair. (Bonus points if it contains ingredients that prevent frizz; seek out natural oils like sunflower oil and humectants like and propylene glycol silicones )
  • Become an expert blow-dryer. Work with a round brush, pulling hair tightly against it as you direct the dryer down your strands. When performing this, you should experience tension (but not too much) When you're finished, make sure your hair is completely dry because otherwise, as the moisture in it evaporates, it will begin to frizz.
  • To straighten hair that is still a little wavy, use a flat iron. Make sure the heat isn't too high, much like our previous curling iron tip. Set the heat to around 300 degrees F if you have fine or thin hair. The typical temperature range for thicker or coarser hair is 400 degrees F.
  • Fine hair falling short Flip your head upside down and tousle your hair to add volume. Use a volumizing spray to set your style after.

Love Your Wavy Hair: How to

  • Be patient You might need to experiment repeatedly until you find the products and routine that work best for your desired look.
  • Fake it if you can't make it That is to say, there might be days when your waves behave in an unpredictable manner. Embrace it Let your self-assurance shine through, and if all else fails, put your hair up in a messy bun or a low ponytail.
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